Welcome to the Oceanic Dive Network ODN.NET.AU.

The Oceanic Dive network is a network of IoT Based Sensors at popular dive spots in the Oceanic region for, A project Mitch Kelly, For the diving community.
ODN Technology uses the latest in Telstra LTE Cat M1 IoT Technology and LoRa Radio technology to provide remote dive site water clarify and statistical information. Including Temperature, Turbidity, Salinity and more.
ODN Uses for the most part LTE Cat M1 Technology using floating Buoy's located in the Perth Coastal areas. Along with the LTE Technology we also use LoRa Technology and have a dedicated LoRa Network and Gateways.

Our Sensors consist of SIMCOM LTE Modules, RAK and AI-Thinker LoRa Modules, 2W Solar Cells, 18650 Batteries and an array of sensors. All electronics and PCB's are designed in-house by Mitch.

The ODN is a Project by Mitch Kelly of Perth Western Australia and is a non-commercial community based network. We do not charge for the data collected and rely on community support to keep the network running.
If you are interested in the ODN You can send Mitch an email admin_at_helixnetworks.net.au. You can also find us on Facebook and Discord.
The ODN is a Project by Mitch Kelly, For the Dive Community

We are also keen to hear from you if you have Electronics, IoT or Telemetry experience.